How To Tell Our Stories Like A K-drama

webinar on viewing habits

IT’S a daily activity for almost everyone. Watching television or keeping your eyes glued to your devices.

What Are We Watching? 

Panellists Jeremiah Choy, Founder of Orangedot Group, Kenneth Tan, the Chairman of the Singapore Film Society and

Lavania Rosie, Founder of the Dance Embassy share their views on a range of topics around our media consumption habits.

From watch parties where everyone is apart but together to students not paying attention to the lecturer and the success of Korean dramas, the enlightening and entertaining discussion explains some of the behaviour we witness in daily life.

The session was moderated by Kannan Chandran, Publisher of

Here are some highlights from the discussion.

Click HERE to watch the full discussion.

Why Is Korean Entertainment Successful?

From BTS to Parasite and Squid Game, Korean entertainment has taken a global leap ahead. What are the reasons for this success and can other countries emulate it?

Is there a magic formula or an age-old system that has given the Korean entertainment industry a leg up globally? Kenneth Tan of the Singapore Film Society provides his reasons.

Alone But Together

The pandemic did not deter groups of people from enjoying a watch party together, even if they were scattered around the globe.

Overcoming Social Awkwardness

Children will need to be guided more when it comes to interacting with others.

Who’s Listening?

Ever tried delivering a lecture to a hall full of students busy looking at their mobile devices?

Watch the full discussion of WED WEB CHAT — What Are We Watching? below.

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