Insecure About Our Food Sustainability?

IT was World Food Day on 16 October.

While those in the food industry and supporters of causes centred around food marked the day, its significance was probably lost to a Saturday crowd who were quite likely chasing down food opportunities, nevertheless.

Although we eat food everyday — those of us who are fortunate to have a stable supply of it — we should never take it for granted.

Weather changes could affect the supply of crops, driving prices up. Technology could result in smarter ways of growing more crops that could make this necessary resource available to more people.

COVID-19 has shown that supply chains can be disrupted, forcing countries to fall back on what they can produce domestically.

For a country like Singapore, that’s a major challenge. We don’t grow enough to meet the nation’s needs since we don’t have a lot of available arable land, and what there is is often under threat of repossession for redevelopment.

While there are young farmers entering this industry, many are progeny of existing industry players, and have a desire to modernise processes and continue the business.

How will we build up our facilities so that they are adequate for our requirements? Do we have a sustainable food industry? Will our reliance on imports result in rising costs in the years to come?

And what about the future needs, especially with the uncertainty surrounding the ongoing pandemic and what it will leave in its wake? How do we cope with issues of food insecurity as the full impact of pandemic policy responses by the authorities are felt, with businesses folding and jobs at risk?

This week’s WED WEB CHAT — We Need Food talks to farmers and those helping out the needy.

Join the complimentary webinar on 20 October, from 12:45-1:30pm. Register for the session by clicking on THIS LINK.

Joining the panel this week are:

Desmond Chow, Singapore Crawfish

Desmond Chow, Founder @ Singapore Crawfish

Desmond is a university lecturer turned crawfish farmer who discovered a good sustainable business model as a result of a class research project for his students. After nine months of research, he was convinced that the crawfish is one of the most profitable livestock to rear and sell, and an alternative food source for the future.

Opening its first farm in Singapore in 2018 at Sungei Tengah, Singapore Crawfish has invented a proprietary hatchery technique that is being exported to other markets.

Will the crawfish be able to feed the masses?

Sim Bee Hia, Food From The Heart

Sim Bee Hia, CEO @ Food From The Heart

Sim Bee Hia has strong experience in non-profit and government organisations. Prior to joining Food from the Heart, she spent 13 years with Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan as its Secretary-General. Her career spans positions including the inaugural General Manager of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra and Assistant Director HQ at the People’s Association.

For her dedication to community service, she was conferred the Public Service Star (BBM)  and the Public Service Medal (PBM).

How can we ensure no one is left behind and all mouths are fed?

Kenny Eng, Gardenasia

Kenny Eng, Director @ Gardenasia & Nyee Phoe Group

As a fourth-generation business owner, Kenny has been working to transform the mindset of the public towards farmers, while also introducing new concepts to farming. He created the term “HortiTainment”, to combine horticulture with lifestyle activities, which was taking off until COVID-19 struck.

He has organised farmers’ markets and set up a pop-up showroom at Scotts Square.

What is the future of farming in Singapore’s tight spaces and a demanding public?

Join the complimentary webinar on 20 October, from 12:45-1:30pm. Register for the session by clicking on THIS LINK.

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