Precious Jade’s Cantonese Fare

WITH its recent renovation, Jade Restaurant takes on a lighter, breezier atmosphere.

Pastel shades and motifs of birds dot the screens and walls, and the large windows let in abundant light into the Cantonese restaurant in the Fullerton Hotel, which is still well positioned as the place to entertain in the central business district.

Chef Leong Chee Yeng, Jade, Fullerton Hotel
Chef Leong…artist.

Chef Leong Chee Yen has helmed the kitchen here for a decade, and is known for his artistry beyond the kitchen. Hailing from a family of artists, he claims to be the weakest of the lot, yet turns out pottery and delicate decorations using food sources.

The bird sitting on the bough is detailed as it is pretty, and delicate. The varied figurines and containers add a personal touch to the restaurant.

Much of the focus will still be on the food, which are works of consumable art.

Appetisers include crunchy pork belly done delightfully so that it’s moist yet crispy with just a hint of char on the top. There’s also dim sum for those who prefer smaller dishes. Don’t forget the divine dessert of Hot Almond With Pistachio Muah Chee which bursts with flavours.

The mains includes a selection of popular dishes from recent years gathered for easy reference and selection. It’s a delectable journey.

Jade Fullerton Hotel
Appetisers to prepare you for what’s to come.

The sauteed beef tenderloin in black pepper sauce (featured in the Whip It UP! recipe last week) is a must try with the meat tender and the peppery aftertaste just tingling your palate.

Jade Fullerton Hotel
The tender beef tenderloin in black pepper sauce is more than satisfying.

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The flavours are delicate, and though the portions are not sizeable, they add up over a few courses.

Jade Fullerton Hotel
The appetising egg noodles with Boston lobster and X.O. chilli sauce.

The Simmered Egg Noodles With Boston Lobster And X.O. Chilli Sauce is impressive when presented and doesn’t last long. Rich in flavours, the noodles are slurped up, the lobster eaten and if you could, you’d want to lick the X.O. sauce off the plate. But there are other guests in the restaurant….

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