Family Businesses To Stay In The Family?

ONE of the highlight discussions at the recent JOBS20XX – Work In Progress event was on the future of family businesses.

Arthur Chua, CEO of Goldbell Group, spoke about how the succession within his organisation took place, and his plans for the future of a company in an industry that is going through global transformation.


The panel discussion involving Kenny Eng, 4th generation scion of farming company Nyee Phoe Group and Ku Swee Yong of International Property Advisor, and moderated by Prof Kirpal Singh, head of the Centre For Educational Leadership at Training Vision Institute, generated an array of insightful views on handing businesses over to the next generation and tackling the new innovations that are changing the business landscape.

Watch the discussion organised by STORM-ASIA.COM.

This is the full, unedited panel discussion. You can see highlights of JOBS20XX – Work In Progress on the STORM-ASIA site, and do take the Survey — if you are between the ages of 18 and 30.

Look out for more videos and the next JOBS20XX session in Kuala Lumpur, in March 2020.

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