Keeping An Eye On Your Vision

IT IS a beautiful and complex world in which we live. Let’s try and make sure we can see all the details clearly.

Our sight lets us take in information, sights and informs the brain to trigger the appropriate responses like bliss, danger, sadness, and much more. Over the years and decades, the more we see, the more we build up our bank of emotions and experiences.

Our eyes are the windows of the soul. And sometimes the windows get foggy or dirty, and require some cleaning and maintenance.

Save Your Sight

With age, our eyes will develop issues based on our lifestyles or other ailments that affect our bodies. What should we do to keep our vision in good shape?

Singapore has the largest number of International Baccalaureate perfect scores in the world — 57 out of 94 students got the maximum 45 points — but it also has the largest number of youths with myopia. What can be done to address this problem?

This week’s Friday Focus looks at the issue of ocular health and trends and offers suggestions to take a longsighted look at our state of sight. Click on the eyes looking at you to see more.

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