Music To Your Ears

AS we get more entrenched in the virtual world, we find ourselves spending more time with headphones that have to deal with a variety of sound sources.

From meetings to playing games, watching movies to just listening to music to unwind you could choose from a range of headphones and earphones to suit your needs.

Ideally, it should be one set with a long battery life and good sound quality that doesn’t fatigue your ears.

The earbuds probably best fit this profile. There’s a mind-boggling array available in the market, with new and traditional audio brands proffering products drsiring to be heard.

Form And Function

It’s probably no surprise that British brand KEF has jumped into the fray.

KEF celebrates 60 years of sound innovation this year, having ventured down the path of technology very early in its history.

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The results have been fine-sounding products that have built a global audience and reputation for sound as well as aesthetics.

Times have changed as the sources have gone virtual and into the cloud. Staying the technology course has been helpful for KEF, keeping the brand relevant with products that are versatile and allow the listener to switch from vinyl to virtual, wired to wireless without fuss.

Sculpted Sound

The new Mu3 earphones are designed to reach out to a broader audience base that may not have the luxury of space for big speakers and wants to appreciate the best possible sound from a portable and stylish product.

Ross Lovegrove, who created the limited-edition Muon speakers, has reduced the profile of the Mu3 to fit snugly in your ear. The silver grey ear buds come in a stylish metallic case that feels good to the touch, though it can be slippery if your hands are sweaty.

Ease of use is vital for earphones and on this front, the Mu3 is simple to pair with your smartphone, laptop or any other Bluetooth audio source. Once prepped, it delivers a rich sound, across various genres of music.

Like many earbuds, its main challenge is to be heard clearly when using the microphone. I have yet to get anything decent with an in-ear unit, and perhaps that’s why most people text these days.

But the plus points weigh strongly in the Mu3’s favour. With noise cancellation on board, it offers 9 hours of music in the buds and a further 15 hours in the case, and it is splash proof. And if you’re in a rush, a 5-minute juicing will yield an hour of playtime.

KEF is retailed by ATLAS Sound & Vision, but the Mu3 is currently only available in one colour, online at and is priced at USD249 (S$329).

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