Kevin Cottam Explores A Country’s Mindset

PEOPLE in power are settlers or builders, or a combination of both.

They want to entrench themselves and are not nomadic.

Kevin Cottam, the author of The Nomadic Mindset, applies the observations from his two years working on his book to nations and how they behave.

He describes the collective mindsets within Scandinavia, the US, UK and Singapore in this conversation.

Kevin’s book takes a different approach to identifying oneself.

The Nomad, Builder and Settler have their own attributes and could help explain the behaviour of an  individual, corporation or country.

Kevin, a global nomad who bases himself in Singapore, Canada, Lisbon and Brussels, spent time in tribal communities in Mongolia, Kenya and Morocco, where he developed a keen understanding of how a life on the move could be translated into areas of creativity and mental agility.

Patricia Cabaleiro

His book inspired Brazilian artist Patricia Cabaleiro, whose exhibition, Nomad, Builder Or Settler? Who R U Now? is on this week at the Substation.

As part of the closing session of the exhibition, STORM-ASIA will lead a discussion, A Journey With Your Self, on Thursday 14 November 2019, from 7pm. Panellists will talk about how the various mindsets shaped their decision making. 

Read Are You A Settler, Builder Or Nomad.

Nomad, Builder Or Settler? Who R U Now? takes place at The Substation, 45 Armenian St. Singapore 179936. More information about the event can be found at

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