Innovation Labs Don’t Work

SMALL egos, please, leaders. And don’t fall in love with your product.

The panellists at the recent Keep It Going: the Nth revolutioN on Machine Learning & Design were quick to point out that in today’s changing environment, start-ups and business leaders should not let their egos overtake practical considerations.


Be prepared to copy and emulate someone else’s idea if it’s better than yours, recommended Poon Joe Keen, MD (smart City Solutions), Surbana Jurong.

He also said that businesses should ask how they can monetise their project.

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And innovation labs are not the way to go, reckons Liu Feng-Yuan, co-founder of BasisAI and formerly the government’s chief data scientist. Besides providing free lunches,  he wondered what purpose they served.

“Nobody’s building anything. No one’s writing any code.”

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Mikko Niemelä, CEO of Cyber Intelligence House suggested an alternative to innovation labs. He also asked businesses to consider if their industry would exist in the future or if it will change drastically, in which case, business leaders would have to be prepared to change their approach.

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On the legal front, Dharma Sadasivan, Associate Director at BR Law, discussed the implications of machine learning.

Panellists for the session: Liu Feng-Yuan, Co-founder, BasisAI; Mikko Niemelä, CEO, Cyber Intelligence House, Joe Keen Poon, MD (Smart Cities Solutions) Surbana Jurong; and Dharma Sadasivan, Associate Director, BR Law.

Keep It Going: the Nth revolutioN is sponsored by OUE, Goldbell, Vault@268 and was held at the Henderson showroom of W.Atelier.

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