Locking Horns With Sound

In a changing industry, the most efficient methods still work best, enhanced by a keen aesthetic. By Rai Vikhnod

Much has changed in the audio space in recent years thanks to the advent of technology, disruptions and changing lifestyles. However, one constant in all of this is whether the speakers you desire will pass the wife test.

Speaker companies have tried many ways to develop objets d’art that deliver great sound, but it’s always been a bit of a hairy affair. With the advent of wireless communication, there are fewer wires to trip over or hide under the carpet, and speaker design has taken on quite impressive cloaking mechanisms to blend into the décor.

Avantgarde has opted for a bolder statement. The German brand’s Uno, Duo and Trio systems put the horns out front. This is the most efficient design for speakers and rather than mask their form, they have produced large, impressive speakers in a variety of colours that can be customized to blend in or stand out in your living space.


No denying their role in the room, but they’ve been sculpted into works of art that have become “iconic statements”, says Jerome Andre, the brand’s international sales director.

“We want the speakers to transmit not just emotional music, but also stir the emotions through their physical appearance,” says Andre.

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