MacRitchie Moments — Rudy Djoe

MacRitchie holds many fond memories for me.

The legendary P.Ramlee introduced me to MacRitchie.

My favourite scene in the P. Ramlee’s classic film, Bujang Lapok, is of him and his heroine singing one of his many melodies at MacRitchie Reservoir.

I was fascinated by the beauty of the landscape featured in that scene. I fell in love with MacRitchie and have been visiting it since. I have enjoyed its greenery and tranquility, the sounds of the birds, embracing the serenity of the calm waters and I am tickled by the mischief of the cheeky little monkeys at the park.

4MacRitchie also played a role in my life journey. I introduced my fiancee to the park and she too fell in love with it. It is a perfect date spot!

I hope alternatives can be found for the route cutting through the reserve. Like many frequent MacRitchie visitors, I believe this place has many great memories attached to it, and many more will be made in the future.

Photo by Rudy Djoe

Most importantly, as a nature lover, I do not agree with the plans to cut through the reserve and disrupt the habitat; killing the serenity of the plants and trees. Please leave the reserve alone.

Sadly, we do not have much left of Mother Nature on our little progressive island.

Rudy Djoe is a singer and art educator.

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The Future Of MacRitchie concert will take place on November 19.

Visit for more information about the venue, artists performing, and to register. There are also guided walks that can help you get intimate with MacRitchie.

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