MacRitchie Moments — Kathiravan Bhupathy

Singapore is losing its green spaces at an alarming rate. This might be inevitable but we have to think about protecting at least some areas that should be kept in their natural state.

It is likely that development in the area will proceed in one form or the other but all possible disruptions to the biodiversity of the area, and how they can be prevented, must be considered first.

I will always remember running through MacRitchie Reservoir during my secondary school days.

The yearly cross-country run was one of the most dreaded events on the school calendar. While I hated going to those events, I do remember them fondly now! Getting the day off school, hanging out with my friends, even the Milo truck that was a constant fixture at these events — great memories that remind me of my childhood.

MacRitchie also provided temporary reprieve from the hustle and bustle of army life during my National Service. I was part of the division running team and we trained there on a (almost) weekly basis. It was a welcome escape from the boredom of the bunk.

I always go back whenever I fancy a jog down memory lane.

Kathiravan Bhupathy is a teacher and running enthusiast.

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