Make MOGO Your Brand’s Mojo

Rajeev Raja, Mogo

WE automatically associate images with brands.

The prancing stallion of Ferrari, the five rings of the Olympic Games, the bitten fruit of Apple, Nike’s Swoosh, or the golden arches of McDonald’s.

Imagine, if music were added to that logo.

A specific sound that could alert you to the presence of a brand. It would add a whole new dimension to a brand, making it heard before it was even seen.

Music Mojo

Rajeev Raja started Brandmusiq to put music to logos, or, as he has coined it, a MOGO. He has already done it for the likes of MasterCard, and wants to create an audible impression for brands on customers.

From banks to food delivery, airlines to products, the added element of an appropriate sound as part of a branding exercise would only serve to strengthen the brand’s presence.

Sounds like a sound brand strategy.

Rajeev explains in this video.

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