We have a lot of intelligent people on this planet.

And that’s what’s going to keep us going for millennia to come. Unless of course a Earth-shaking meteor hurtles into the planet. In which case, all this talk of sustainability would have been just…talk.

Still, we’ve got to give it a go since that meteoric event may not eventuate, like many premonitions of the end of life on Earth — more than 150 since 650BC including the recent famous end of Mayan calendar fizzle.

There seems to be a fatalistic streak wired into our psyche. A quick way out. Wonder if that’s to do with the fact that there’s a feeling of guilt about how we are treating the planet. We plunder it for personal and bureaucratic needs, in the name of progress, country, religion, and the continuation of the human race. We do enough to pollute our environment and poison our lives with chemicals that make us even more dependent on a way of life that chases this spiral.

Intelligent people have managed to lead us here. But why did we follow them?

We need intelligent and caring people to lead us along another path; one that is kinder, more gracious and at peace with the notion of progress as a way of making the onward journey more meaningful for more, rather than less.

When we look around, we see progress. When generations to come look around, they too must see progress that they can continue to effect. But this planet needs to be handled with care and handed along.

We have to keep it going. Keep the world spinning. Keep the good ideas churning.

We have a lot of intelligent people on this planet…who don’t need to be geniuses… who don’t need to be educated to the Nth… who just need to feel for what it means to do the right thing for this planet, for country, for society, for family, for mankind, for themselves.

The idea of sustainability is not always about the big production. It can be from a simple idea from an individual or a small group.

With this in mind Keep It Going is aimed at sharing ideas that will help to make this planet continue to serve us well. But we need to make up our own minds about how we will continue this journey.

We are an intelligent species, after all….

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