From talking to the folks at the battlefront, it would seem like the period ahead of us is going to be fraught with uncertainty. Many are reparing for the worst as they lash down all the valuables and grit their teeth for the economic storm that’s been brewing and lashing many parts of the world. As it builds and abates, it will always be a threat.

Business seems to mirror nature as the pace and uncertainty of change continues to catch us off guard. While corrective measures may be called for, sometimes you just have to weather it.

Those operating in highly competitive industries will have to be increasingly convincing with consumers spoilt for choice, and who will exercise that choice with more deliberate spending behaviour. It could be a time where conspicuous consumption may give way to conscious consumption. Not necessarily a bad thing, unless you’re a retailer who has to endure steep rentals and increasingly demanding landlords who also have a hand in your till and your future.

While there’s all this gloomy talk, there is that silver lining to look out for. There are those who also feel upbeat about what lies ahead. Those who are running parallel to the major industries, or have innovation on their side that they will push through regardless. While some start ups weigh the cost of doing business here with the inefficiencies and impracticalities of doing the same elsewhere, others are forging ahead. Paralysis by analysis is likely to hamper the pace of progress. Sometimes you just have to believe in your gut; you may have to move with it in order to feed it.

For those with big dreams, to realize them you first have to wake up.

STORM_EditorsPage_images_03Kannan Chandran