Your Mind Has Been Colonised!

FOR THE highly regarded Kenyan author, Professor Ngugi wa Thiong’o, the world is still too wrapped up in its colonial mentality to fulfil its potential.

The prolific award-winning author and speaker is in town to deliver the Third Annual Distinguished Lecture on Educational Leadership (To register for the talk, please click HERE) at the Singapore Management University on Friday.

Professor Ngugi observes that colonisation has created an unfair advantage for the West by forcing thinking patterns and behaviour that gives it more credit than it is probably due.

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Decolonising the Mind: the Politics of Language in African Literature (1986), his collection of non-fiction essays about language and its constructive role in national culture, history, and identity served as the basis of his talk at the Singapore Management University, The Language Of Education: Decolonising the Mind Revisited.

In a thought-provoking chat with STORM.SG Prof Ngugi talks about how colonisation has established a shaky foundation and how its effects should be consciously addressed by  the once colonised nations.


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