Magic Babe Goes Mental

CAREFUL what’s on your mind when you’re around Ning Cai.

The former Magic Babe Ning turned cerebral as an author and is now putting  on the mentalist’s cap to probe your mind.

Tired of dangling from cranes in her previous role as Magic Babe Ning, she wriggled free from that life to spend two years wandering the globe and writing books. Now that she’s been there and done that, she’s also realised her personal branding still has value, and like a bright coin she can pull out of your ear, she has decided to return, this time to play mind games with you as a psychological illusionist.

Her new tagline — Mind Magic Mistress — kind of says it all. You’ll be left mentally numbed by her ability to read you mind, so much so you’ll be left wondering what to think, lest it gives away too much.

It’s not easy to walk around with a blank mind, though there are many who apparently have mastered that art and are in positions of authority. But that’s another story.

Ning is taking her new persona overseas, headlining the South Tyneside Magic Festival in England. While there, she may try and make them change their minds about Brexit. Or not.

But she’s excited about what’s to come in this phase of her career.

She talks to STORM.SG about the two years of soul searching, the books that have been written, the possibility of politics, and many other thought-provoking notions that will let you into her mind….

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