Time For A New Revolution

The changes technology will wreak will cause huge changes in how we face the future in all aspects of our lives. By S. Sakthivel

Revolutions come one on top of the other, so it’s no surprise that the techno-economic revolution is at our doorstep, reckons Charlie Ang, Founding President of The Innovators Institute.

This is the era when value will rapidly shift from the industrial giants of today to the creative innovators of tomorrow. Ang explains that as more singular creators devise solutions for the future, they will become the titans of business and society.

Ang claims that the slow growth in various markets around the world is just the precursor to the impending fundamental shift in the economy. As disruption, by now a well-recognised buzzword, becomes more commonplace, the trickle down effect of these disruptions is where the real challenges lie. From shipping and logistics to the oil and crude industry, disruptions cause changes at an aggregate level, prompting a rethink of how many of these industries need to be run in the near future.  In the next decade, Ang predicts that technology will cause seismic changes in all industries.

As we hurtle towards the future at an alarming pace, “being prepared” for future challenges is becoming an even more daunting task. Ang says that one has to “view the new world with new eyes”, where concepts, belief systems, and constructs learnt in the “old world” will no longer be an effective guide.

Ang tells us more about the headwinds that await us in the future and the efforts we should take to remain relevant.

Charlie Ang is a panellist at STORM magazine’s upcoming event, Keep It Going 2016, which brings together leaders and decision makers from various industries who talk about Protecting Against Headwinds.