No More Outsourcing

Bring things in house and stop sending it out of the country. That’s going to be the edge by 2020. By S. Sakthivel

The brains, in software development, have been outsourced in the last two decades, but now they need to be brought back into the fold, says Lionel Lim, Managing Director for Asia Pacific and Japan, at software developers Pivotal.

With technology and software moving up into the cloud at a blistering pace, the need for agile software solutions means that companies need to take a serious look at “insourcing” talent.

In a highly digitised world full of disruption, software is increasingly becoming the first level of communication and interaction a company or service provider has with its consumer. This has further exacerbated the need for software to be developed in house, at a greater speed, and with the ability to iterate to suit the needs and wants of the consumer.

With 70% of apps expected to be built in-house by 2020 (according to recent studies by the International Data Corporation), Lim says that current market players need to address the need for attractive, customer-facing digital solutions now. As disruptors continue to rock the boat, businesses have to go through a digital transformation to survive.

While their experience working with both disruptors and transformers puts Pivotal in a position to aid the metamorphosis, Lim contends that deeper mindset changes and cultural adjustments are required for existing businesses to catch up to the latest digital trends.

As disruptors enjoy their moment in the limelight, Lim insists that existing players can leverage their resources to level the playing field.

Lim tells us more about the headwinds in his industry and the efforts that need to be taken to remain relevant.

Lionel Lim is a panellist at STORM magazine’s upcoming event, Keep It Going 2016, which brings together leaders and decision makers from various industries who talk about Protecting Against Headwinds.

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