Quirky Service At Oakwood Studios

WITH its quirky touches and that easygoing air about it, you wouldn’t mind staying for more than the required week at Oakwood Studios.

As you walk into the building, the big, colourful chairs and the lively lit reception desk traverses that narrow path between cartoon and fantasy. The common areas are functional and spacious with an eclectic array of design elements to move steadfastly away from the boring, staid serviced apartments you find in most cities.img_9887

Despite its small footprint, the clever use of space allows for outdoor seating spaces where you can soak in the sun reflected off the various buildings around you. Or dive into the the rosy kiss at the base of the blue pool, and soak in the admiring glances from the windows of the nearby residential towers.

Calvin Tan was undecided about what to do when he first came upon this property. The Director of Newfort Realty, who also flips Carl’s Jr. burgers in Singapore and Malaysia, picked it up at an en bloc sale.

“Sacrifices must be made and risks must be taken,” Tan reckons. “I’m in my mid-30s and milestones are important. It’s not about the money.”

So, instead of building 68 apartments in a residential block, he decided to throw in more money (quite a few tens of millions dollars more) to create a serviced apartment. That decision taken, it was then a question of who would be worthy of fulfilling the project.

Oakwood Studios, Singapore
The Oakwood Studios makes good use of a relatively small footprint.

“I was looking for a brand like me; one that wants to do something great. Oakwood Studio is Dean’s baby,” Tan says, referring to Dean Schreiber, Oakwood Asia Pacific’s Managing Director.

Oakwood Studios, Singapore
Loud and welcoming reception area of Oakwood Studios.

“We’ve always been looking for that product for the Millennial mindset,” explains Schreiber. “We met and thought that given the clientele that would come here, this property would be ideal.”

Schreiber continues: “This is the first one in the world. It’s the start of a beautiful story because we can roll it out internationally. It has evolved over time, and it will continue to evolve since it will also be curated by the guests. It’s a living, breathing product.

“We are closing that gap between a luxury hotel and an extended-stay property.”

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Art To Fall Over

The art on display at Oakwood Studios is contemporary and pops up throughout the place. It ranges from tiny Merlions as part of a feature wall to neon images, funky furniture to unsubtle paintings you could purchase. It carries a style about the property that would appeal to a clientele that is in a mood to be playful.

Lively living room area of Oakwood Studios.
Lively living room area of Oakwood Studios.

Mind you, with Mt Elizabeth Hospital nearby, it wouldn’t be uncommon to see a sombre  family checking in on a Saturday for a long stay after their medical check up.

As part of its growing portfolio of products, Oakwood marks its return to Singapore with a lively and energetic product.

Oakwood Studios
18 Mount Elizabeth Singapore 228514

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