Working With Young And Ambitious Minds

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THE FUTURE demands faster and better talent.

Hence, trainers have to take new approaches when building capabilities with a younger group.

Young minds are full of potential, which could be realised with a much shorter learning curve compared to the past.

This is the thought that ran through our minds as we trained and developed increasing numbers of leaders below the age of 30.

We noticed a generation who are information-rich and intellectually-smart, and yet frustrated that they are not given the platform to perform. They do not like to be told to wait for their turn to shine, desiring instant action and instant results.

They ask: “How can I apply what I have learnt IMMEDIATELY to help me in my career path?”

We have seen young talents who are ecstatic when given the opportunity to explore and find new solutions for their companies, as well as opportunities to share their insights and ideas with top management. In other instances, we saw young graduates highly excited by business simulation exercises — as it gives them insights into what to expect when they join the workforce.

New Approaches

There are a few new approaches being explored in the area of training and development.

What was learnt via experience previously is now addressed via blended learning such as coaching, bite-sized learning, simulations etc.

While all these provide a fresh experience, the “human connection” is still an essential and impactful part of the learning journey. Equipping young graduates with practical working behaviour such as networking skills, stakeholder management, prepares them for the workforce at a faster speed.

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One key area will be an ontological approach to coaching which emphasises deep change by addressing the “way of being” in totality.

This method includes language, emotions and the physical self. These 3 core areas work together to drive sustainable change from within, encouraging growth and learning.

Based on our experience as coaches, we tend to work with the cognitive part in encouraging change and learning, forgetting that parts under the iceberg are equally important areas. Paying attention to all 3 areas means the changes realised go much deeper.

With this in mind, we believe that in the future, training and development will focus on highly customised, bite-sized sessions for individuals or smaller groups, enabling the coach to facilitate the growth in a more focused and deeper manner.

The learning focus will be driven by the learners, who take full charge of their own development and pace of growth.

Charis Yong is the founder of Brainwave Consultants. She is one of the panellists at the upcoming event JOBS20XX – Work In Progress.

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