Top 5 Health Jobs Of The Future

HEALTH will undoubtedly become a primary concern for most of us in the future.

Many will want to live longer healthier lives, and with the progress of science and technology chances of our children and grandchildren living longer increase with every generation.

Health therefore will become an even more important domain for work, with lots of new functions and jobs coming up. Novel jobs, with training methodologies that are being developed now, or even tomorrow.

Jobs that will require new knowledge, new techniques, new insights, new competences … exciting jobs for the lives of tomorrow, and beyond.

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5. Reconstructive Surgery 3D Printing Specialist

3D printing applications for healthcare have come a long way, from custom orthopaedic implants to “organoids” made from living cells for drug testing, and now using live cells for “living tattoos” that detect specific biomarkers in sweat.

In the future, we will see burn or accident victims being given new skin (and probably more) that was grown using their cells and 3D printed for use in reconstructive surgery. We will need a new breed of 3D printing technicians who specialise in generating tissues.


4. Nutri-gutome Consultant

Nutri-gutome consultants will be experts at optimising people’s health by working on, and through, the human digestive tract and the trillions of microorganisms (mostly bacteria) living within it.

The bacteria are involved in food digestion and absorbing nutrients from food, but they are also important to wider processes such as immune regulation and brain function.

Nutri-gutome consultants will be known colloquially as a gut-bug keeper, but their role will be very important, they will monitor the health of the bacteria and the digestive tract.

If dysbiosis (an imbalance of bacteria) is found, they will design and implement interventions to ensure rebalancing. These solutions will include change of diet, pre- and probiotic administration, and microbiota cultivation and transplantation. Nutri-gutome consultants will work with body sensors and algorithmic analysis to identify dysbiosis and restore health.


The top 3 health jobs of the future? After this…


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3. Health Data Hacker 

Moving toward along a dark route of the future, health data-focused hackers will have ample targets to choose from — the smart home, one of several connected devices around individuals, and even smart hospitals and clinics. Currently, medical records are far more valuable on the black market than just credit card information or social security numbers. In the future, health data could be valuable for a variety of reasons, not just for identity theft, but also for making it available for targeted advertising campaigns, enabling illegal medical practices (such as connecting black market organ transplant entities with  potential customers) or worse, for enabling assassination attempts that look like natural deaths.

2. Health shaper

Health shapers work with clients to build health solutions customised to their lives and needs.

To do this, they use technology that genetically profiles their clients, incorporating previous health data, making use of environmental monitoring, and integrating constant behavioural tracking.

The health shaper prevents many illnesses through crafting comprehensive individualised health solutions, with the aim of reducing illness in the community, especially given an ageing population.

Assisted by machine learning and big data mining tools, the health shaper identifies and develops bespoke wellness solutions for their clients. Nutrition, exercise, and therapeutic interventions are planned based on data analysis and interpretation. Predictive physiotherapy is also used as a strategy used to bring alignment in their client’s musculoskeletal systems.

Health shapers sees the human body as a complex integrated system. They listen to their clients’ needs and communicate clearly so as to ensure the health care solutions they provide are understood and can be followed precisely. They have high-level technology skills that allow them to gather and collate diverse data sets focused on all aspects of their client’s health and interpret results to provide advice and develop optimal health and wellness solutions.


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1. Telesurgeon

Telesurgeons are physicians who operate on their patients from a remote site. Unlike computer-assisted surgery, where surgeons direct operations from a computer console a few feet from the patient and can see what they’re doing in real time, a Telesurgeon’s patient could be in a hospital across town, in another city or even in another country.

The first completely remote surgery — a gallbladder removal performed from New York City on a patient in France — was performed in 2001. When systems are perfected and economically feasible, Telesurgeons may be treating injured soldiers on or near battlefields, for example, or astronauts in space.

Telesurgery will also be a great boon for those living in rural areas or developing countries, where skilled surgeons are in short supply.

Considering becoming a telesurgeon? Keep in mind your competition will be global.

Surgeons from countries around the world will be able to bid on surgeries, since location will no longer matter. Hopefully, that will translate into more competent, highly skilled physicians.

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