Parking App Trial…Easier Than Parallel Parking

AFTER 40 years of tearing coupons, we get to finally go electronic with our parking.

The bane of motorists who might rip the wrong tabs or overstay their welcome, the new system allows you to pay using a mobile app. Payment is made with a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card.

You only pay for the duration of your parking, and you will be alerted if you are going to exceed your parking time. The app will allow you to remotely extend your parking.

The app is available for trial at for Android and iPhone users. Only 10,000 iPhone users will be selected for the trial due to limitations imposed by Apple.

A long list of responses to frequently asked questions are also on the site.

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  1. Why not tie the ERP system to the mobile phone so that I do not ever need to top up a NETS Cashcard? Cashless and CARD-less should be the way to go.

  2. What irks many drivers is being caught without enough funds on their card while passing through an ERP gantry and then getting hit with a disproportionally high administrative fee. People forget, not that they wan to dodge payment (how can they in this super-watched society?), so does that have to be punished, too?

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