3 Pillars Of Digital Growth

WED WEB CHAT Show me the moneyFROM lightning-fast changes to fringe benefits to encourage stickiness from customers, the push towards a digital payment society is progressing swiftly.

For new tech companies like Primer, spotting an opportunity to rein in more than 100 payment services for easier transactions provides an immediate advantage to businesses.

For eWallet businesses such as Moolahgo, there are many competitors, so standing out is the key. How do you stand out and satisfy different markets and customers with access to a range of platforms?

Online shopping has created a greater sense of immediacy, with the unforgiving 18- to 35-year-old consumer expecting immediate gratification for swift payment, while businesses want to see their money well spent when it comes to investing in their payment architecture.

In this evolving digital environment, quick, but smart, decisions are key. Like a surfer navigating a wave, the moves have to be assured — some obvious, others risky — if you want to continue to crest the wave.

The WED WEB CHAT — Show Me Your Money looks at the role and form of money in society. It hasn’t been too long that money has begun transforming from physical to virtual, but it’s proven to be efficient, effective and hygenic.

John Hakim, Chairman, Managing Director of eWallet app, Moolahgo, founded this FinTech payments start up in 2017. Offering B2B and B2C financial solutions, it is one of the key players in digital payments in Asia, processing a cumulative transaction volume of over USD1 bn.

Kailash Madan is the Head of APAC at Primer, a payment integration platform. Based in Singapore, he has almost a decade of experience in the financial services and FinTech space – including roles at Stripe and Citi.

They talk about the digital economy and what it takes to be a player in this space.

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3 Pillars Of Digital Growth

While the pandemic accelerated the digital rush, Singapore has been using digital payments long before that. Credit cards are a form of digital payment, and with 90% of the population having at least one card, it’s quite well accepted.

The presence of eWallets and automated payments are part of the explosion of services in the digital space. In this video, John Hakim and Kailash Madan talk about the key lessons to bear in mind when venturing into the digital realm.

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