Popping Up At The Wrong Place

Pop-up stores are inevitable at a time when customers rae easily jaded and constantly on the look out for things that will surprise them. But shouldn’t the pop-up suit the space? By Kannan Chandran

Pop-up stores seem to be the rage these days. From restaurants to boutiques and all manner of small products, this is a reminder of the old days when hawkers plied their wares on pushcarts or on the back of bicyles.

In today’s context, these shops are part of the push to reach out to an audience that constantly craves distractions that are best suited for short attention spans.

But there’s a time and place for everything. The basic pop-up stores are found in a few of the suburban and functional shopping malls. For the more swish retail areas, they are dressed up to match the ambience of the location.

So it’s rather strange to see this sort of bare bones stack-and-sell books and stationery stand at Changi International Airport’s Terminal 3.

Changi Airport prides itself on constantly being ranked amongst the world’s best. And a lot of that has to do with the efficiency and services on offer, but also the upscale look and feel of the airport through its various terminals. While it’s understandable that Changi wants to be an airport that appeals to all price points, even lower price point products can still benefit from a conducive environment.

If there is vacant retail space available, why not curate it so that Changi Airport can showcase some of the heritage sites, sounds and smells for the benefit of tourists with time on their hands as well as locals who may learn a few things about the evolution of Singapore?

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