Ramli Sarip — Bittersweet Times

WHATEVER the public perception of a band, there will always be the behind-the-scenes issues that drive or dissolve a band.

With Sweet Charity, there were always underlying tensions that made the band click on stage but posed unique challenges off it.

Ramli Sarip talks about the era that helped establish the homegrown band as a powerhouse of the concert circuit.

Watch Part One of the interview with Datuk Ramli Sarip — Rolling With The Times

Sweet Charity’s dynamic was built around an image that jived with an era of prodigious  Western output in terms of music and culture. The rock music that ruled the airwaves had a growing following that worked with the guitarist and vocalist setting the aural and visual tones.

Building on that premise, Sweet Charity ruled the stage in Singapore and Malaysia, amassing sizeable fan bases, but making the authorities nervous and forcing impositions upon their music.

The band recorded albums that achieved gold and platinum status and yielded hits that resonated with society.

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But all things come to an end, and the parting of ways, while initially less than amicable has settled over time. Ramli’s solo career flourished based on his ability to shift focus and change with the times.

The new direction has allowed him to experiment with various music styles and eventually saw the governments of the day shifting their stance towards him. Having been conferred a Datukship by Malaysia and a lifetime achievement award in Singapore, his perseverance seems to have paid off.

Part 1: Rolling With The Times

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