Spiking To The Moon – A Quick Study On Cryptocurrency

WHERE would you put your money in the stock market?

Dr Clemen Chiang has his own ideas about how to go about doing it. He followed the whales — the billionaires, millionaires and the moneyed folks — who are able to make waves by their action or inaction.

He created his app Spiking, and has kept pace with the changes that have taken place, by entering the cryptocurrency arena.

He has also written a book, Spiking To The Moon, which offers a good introduction to the modern era of investing with knowledge about the changes that are reshaping our world.

Clemen is a panellist at the Charger Award, which takes place on 17 January. Hear what he has to say about investing, the stock market and what you should know before diving in.

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Applying the Spiking algorithm, the Charger Award acknowledges the companies that have performed well in their sectors on the SGX.

Find out who these companies are, and listen to the experts talk about the sectors to watch in 2019.

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Clemen talks to STORM about Spiking To The Moon.

Dr Clemen Chiang is a whale watcher.

Why did you write Spiking To The Moon?

Spiking To The Moon is the culmination of one year’s journey into blockchain and cryptocurrency.

We first started as a fintech company specializing in the stock market in 2016.

In 2018, we expanded our product array to include the cryptocurrency market.

Spiking To The Moon is designed to be a roadmap through the past, present, and future of cryptocurrency around the world.


What can be done to increase awareness of new investment instruments?

From our experience presenting in the 10-city roadshows, we discovered that retail investors are generally interested in new instruments of investment. The kick-start for them is to present simple steps of execution leading to the first transaction. This is also one of the objectives in our book Spiking To The Moon.

More importantly, we embed the on-boarding process within our Spiking app which can be downloaded at the App Store and Google Play.

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How has Spiking made a differencespiking-to-the-moon-cover

One of the most significant contribution Spiking has madeto the investing community is the ability to track sophisticated investors, otherwise known as the whales. This is applicable in the stock market as well as cryptocurrency market.

On this note, we are able to mirror the trades of the whales simply by following them within the app itself. This is very important because it gives retail investors the ability to kick-start the learning process of understanding how the whales transact in the market.

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What are your considerations when investing in 2019?

2019 shall be the Year of Movers and Shakers. Several milestones are in place for major turning points to take place. Some of which include:

Ethereum’s Constantinople Hard Fork – 16 January 2019;

Bitcoin ETF Approval – 27 February 2019;

Russia to invest massively in Bitcoin – January/March 2019;

US-China trade talks – March 2019.


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