Stand Up For What’s Right

YOU don’t have to pick on specific incidents to see that there is a general uprising against the expected norms.

In the business world, the word “disruption” is bandied about, sometimes not necessarily in its intended sense. But it seems to be a catchall word that explains things that don’t go to plan.

Sometimes, it is better explained by the cruel nature of business, the fickleness of customers or the irrelevance of your product or service.

Disrupting Society

In society, the usual silence and grudging acceptance following mumblings at unwelcomed decisions is giving way to a greater degree of “attitude” and demands for explanation.

For authorities used to cowed societies, this is a shock that they will probably have to come to terms with, with some swiftness; either by understanding that society is evolving at a faster pace than their systems are geared to move, or by wielding a heavier hand on the levers of society.

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While the former may be more troublesome, the outcomes are likely to be more beneficial, with a potential increase in collaborative processes as understanding on both sides of the divide are bridged.

The latter may be initially effective, but could result in a pressure cooker situation. And it doesn’t get to the cause of the problem — coping with the incessant change that is taking place around us.

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While technology — artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, etc. — is conveniently blamed for the spate of disruptive changes, it is but a tool. A tool that allows speedier results, often hard to comprehend by the lay human mind.

What we do not understand can sometimes frighten us, especially when it hits home.

As a result we struggle to keep up.

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Rulers Divide

Those in charge will continue to draw more lines to try and contain the situation in their favour, but in the virtual world, it is going to be harder to suppress the spread of information and knowledge.

Some of it may be embellished and rendered justifiably as “fake news”. Others may be conveniently described as thus.

And if it is deemed convenient, a neat lawsuit will set things right. But here, again, disruptive forces have helped David in his tussle with Goliath. But, who knows, you may need to apply and pay for a special permit to crowd source for funds in the future…just saying.

These days, it is not so easy to let something slide into oblivion, quietly, discreetly.

But, just remember, even if they have the power, it doesn’t mean they are right.

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  1. General comments. Some specificd would help though I understand the reticence. The defamation point is more complex and its intersection with the new term ‘fake news’ is worth separate analysis.


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