Old And New Worlds Come Together

Rolls-Royce Nature Squared collaborationEVERY brand has to look to the next generation for its continued viability.

This is certainly the case for heritage brands like Rolls-Royce, that have to bridge past glories with changing attitudes and desires that have been intertwined with technology and innovation.

Rolls-Royce has always been linked with excellence, even when times were tough for the English brand. But BMW saw the value in pedigree, acquiring the rights to the name as it pushed forth with delivering uncompromising quality while riding the crest of technology.

But the brand hasn’t lost its appreciation of the build quality and hand finishing that have elevated the Rolls-Royce name in the world of luxury.

Handcrafting bespoke cars has become an expected part of the brand value. While that allows the brand to fetch top dollar, it has also enabled craftsmanship and some skills to remain viable.


A new generation of buyers expects all brands that want their custom to embrace their thinking. Global concerns such as sustainability, environmental best practices and the use of appropriate methods should be as key to the brand as its bottomline.

But the benefits in accommodating this expectation is that certain roles that would otherwise have died off remain key to the brand value.

Craftsmanship has always been an important aspect of Rolls-Royce’s DNA, and the brand is now collaborating with reputable brands to develop new products.

The recent collaboration with Nature Squared sees some 1,500 birds giving up between 3 to 4 feathers each to help Rolls-Royce spread its design wings. The video explains more.

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