The Safety Video Selling Singapore

AN AIRLINE safety video without a plane in sight is not an entirely novel idea.

Virgin America had a version with a dance routine in 2013, getting more than six million views in a couple of weeks, mostly from non-travellers.

Air New Zealand’s hobbit-related inflight safety video was quite the hit in 2014, and so too Qantas’ video last year, featuring the nation’s sights with typically Australian accents adding the right flavour.

Singapore Airlines picks up on this theme with its latest inflight safety video. No sightings of an actual plane, but lots of sites to show.

Local Colour

The variety of scenes makes for a glimpse of places in Singapore many are probably familiar with. Nothing unexpected in Boat Quay, the River Safari, Haji Lane or Gardens By The Bay. The Intan Peranakan Home Museum makes for a nice touch.

The Singapore girl is the common thread, as she minces along these spots in Singapore in her kebaya and perfect hair, while enunciating carefully to ensure everything is in keeping with the formality and status of the airline.

Time to loosen up a bit, perhaps, SIA?

Would a shot of local patois have added more colour and life to the video? Some of it  may have flown over the heads of foreigners. But it would have added local colour.

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