Fire Away With The Sony α9

dsc00138IN THIS era of mobile phone photography, full-blown cameras are being blown away.

But the phone cannot do everything that a DSLR can. The professionals still need their gear, and to keep pace with changes in the industry, Sony has released the α9, which does bring back the joy of using a DSLR. And the weight and heft, tooSony α9

The α9 has been stacked full of useful features, including silent shutter speeds up to 1/32,000 second in the S and M modes. That makes it great for getting into normally quiet environments where thought processes can be shattered by the sound of a camera shutter in action, like conferences, meetings, and sporting events like tennis and golf.

The α9 has some heft to it, and is angular, but the add-on grip gives you a bit more of a handle on the camera.

The full-frame stacked CMOS sensor offes 24.2 MP² resolution and blackout-free continuous shooting at up to 20 frames per second. All very effective when it comes to capturing action shots.

Sony α9
Firing at 20fps the Sony α9 lets you capture sharp action shots.


And to keep things in focus, it has 693 auto focus detection points, covering around 93% of the frame. It moves with the subject, ensuring sharpness throughout the shooting.

It fires at will and if you’re not careful, you’ll soon have chalked up more than a thousand shots. Thank goodness it’s not film! Though it will still be a pain when it comes to editing, but at least you’re likely to have captured the shot that says it all.

Okay, now the smelling salts moment. The Sony α9 costs S$6,299 for the body. A G-Master lens bundle is on offer at $9,898. For more information visit THIS link.

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