Do You Think You Understand Technology?

Technology may not have all the answers, as the great disruptors of the 21st century would have us believe. Find out more as the panellists at this year’s Keep It Going joust with each other as they discuss the headwinds that are upon us. By S. Sakthivel

We find ourselves on the precipice of some great change — in society, commerce, health and even entertainment. The future hurtles towards us and threatens to drag us along by the scruff of the neck, willingly or otherwise.  The question then becomes how do we find opportunities and stay relevant in this time of flux. The prevailing headwinds, and those that await us in the near future, were the focus at Keep It Going 2016. Ubiquitous as it is in our lives today, technology played an integral role in the proceedings. Technology has the potential for great change, but what threats does it pose?

Edwin Chow of CellResearch Corporation lamented the inertia of bureaucracy while lawyer Adrian Tan countered that while complaining may be easy, none would envy the challenges faced by the leadership. Creating policy to balance regulation and liberalisation and yet promote growth has become trickier in a market overrun by disruption. Technology can act as the ‘great equalizer’ but it comes with a price too, said Lionel Lim, of Pivotal. Author and real estate man, Ku Swee Yong, highlighted the spectre of job loss, brought on by technology and automation, looming above us as we transition into the next decade. Shirley Crystal Chua of Golden Equator Capital observed that the smart phone has been instrumental in opening up new markets in the ASEAN region and it will be ripe with new opportunities in the next decade.

What are the opportunities and challenges that will blow in with these headwinds? Here’s a quick recap from Keep It Going 2016: Protecting Against Headwinds.

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