The State Of Our State Is Divided

What we read in the mainstream media isn’t necessarily felt on the ground. At this year’s Keep It Going, the discussion was on the headwinds we are facing. There was more concern apparent than is often expressed openly.  By Kannan Chandran

What an outstanding day of discussions was had during Keep It Going, STORM magazine’s annual powwow on things of importance. This year’s topic was Protecting Against The Headwinds and in the ensuing flow of ideas and views, several fresh insights into the state of Singapore — people, business, government, thinking, behaviour — were unearthed.

From fintech’s importance, to the man most preferred as the next Prime Minister, ongoing labour challenges to blue whale watching in the local stock market, kicking fat local corporations like to differentiating the Special Olympians from the Paralympians and seeking new business opportunities to being bullied in school, this was truly a remarkable and intense four hours of opinions wonderfully finished off with Michelin-starred Indian fare from The Song Of India.

Watch out for STORM’s coverage of proceedings featuring a stellar range of panelists who wouldn’t back down from telling the truth.

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