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FRESH waves of uncertainty continue to spread globally as COVID-19 proves an ongoing challenge for governments and relief agencies desperate to start returning life to normal.

Attempts at forming travel bubbles are thwarted as infectious strains of the virus continue to emerge. The lax preventative measures and inadequate vaccination facilities in some countries have compounded the problem.

The rise and fall of the disease which has overwhelmed countries in waves, means you can never be too confident of your position if you think you’ve got a few days or weeks of low infection numbers.

While the virus has shown the world just how unprepared we are for a global pandemic, it has also shown how quickly people and businesses adapt to change. So much so that some of these changes may become a regular part of the way forward.

Working from home and hopping onto Zoom calls are going to be preferred by many even as things start to “normalise” in the unknown future.

While technology has been a knight in shining armour, will it take the shine off our humanness?

“We can all learn to connect on a human level via video conference. We just have to be more ‘human’ than usual!” says Robin Kermode.

Robin is a best-selling author, popular keynote speaker and respected media commentator. As one of Europe’s leading communication coaches, he works globally with senior leaders, politicians and corporate teams.

Together with Kamal Samuel, Managing Director (Singapore) of Financial PR and Michelle Lam, the founder of The Little Black Book, Robin will form part of the panel at the 5 May WED WEB CHAT discussing Is The Future Virtual?

Robin has been an actor for over 30 years and is a recognisable voice-over artist. His podcast, The Art Of Communication, has over 30,000 listeners. He is a leading body language expert for The Telegraph, The Guardian and the Daily Mail.

Michelle Lam worked in corporate bureaucracy for 11 years before setting up The Little Black Book, to do something new and different. She saw an opportunity with the rise of social media, online and mobile platforms and started focusing on video (long and short form) to suit today’s digital sphere and attention-deficit audiences. 

Kamal joined Financial PR in July 2006 and was head of the Group’s Technology team before taking on his current position. Having graduated with a degree in Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southern California, Kamal communicates  complex engineering stories to the broad investment community.

What will the future look like for the various indsutries thrust into the virtual world? How will we handle a life with potentially less human interaction? How can we get the most of the new environment?

Important life-changing questions that the panellists will answer as they see it.

Click on this link to register for the WED WEB CHAT — Is The Future Virtual? on 5 May 2021, from 12:45-1:30pm (SGT).

Those joining the session can stand to win tickets to Robin Kermode’s Video Conferencing Presentation Masterclass presented by the British Theatre Playhouse.

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