Trees Of Enlightenment

Melisa Teo

MELISA Teo’s book of photographs, Les Arbres De Paris (The Trees Of Paris) is part seeking, part tribute and significantly enlightening.

This Singaporean journalist turned photographer picked up the camera and journeyed the globe with her partner, the respected and fearless photojournalist Abbas. 

But when Abbas succumbed to illness in 2018, Melisa was at a loss as she ventured through the familiar areas of Paris that had been their home for the past decade.

It was the trees of Paris that eventually brought her back to the camera and her distinctive handheld style of photography.

Capturing the energy and the light in her subjects, rather than a crystal clear image of a fixed moment in time, she brought out the sense of time and energy that flowed before and leading up to the final long-exposure shot.

Her images of the trees in Paris were photographed over a year of seasons and a collection has been published in Les Arbres De Paris.

Melisa has also ventured back to Singapore with her exhibition of images which are on show at the Alliance Francaise until 19 December 2020.

Here’s a short interview about her enlightening method.

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