Vanity Unfair


This word is a downfall for women in general considering we are primarily pride driven.

I’m a woman, I’m wary.

I’m also aware that today’s world offers temptation as an easy way out in the form of Botox, plastic surgery and lip fillers Kylie Jenner style. 

Filthy rich looks pretty fake.

Honestly, this is self-deceit, and instant gratification has consequences.  

A quick search lists many celebrities with plastic surgery fails and caution.

Before and afters with some shockingly freaky outcomes.

Former French First Lady Carla Bruni reportedly had multiple Botox injections and her puffy face had a funnyman commenting that “the hit TV series The Addams Family was cancelled in 1966 and they’re no longer casting extras.”


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Hence the antithesis to vanity is that I am at least grateful for spending mostly pleasant days at home void of invasion to my personal uniqueness. For the bimbettes of both genders, and the vainglorious, time’s up.

Subliminal or not, silencing the innocent because the majority favour shallow vanity isn’t ok.

Eww, Human Barbie…!?


Supple Supplements

Gratitude had its way when a delivery came from and the two flowery boxes I received were labelled “Natural Dietary Supplement”. Nothing invasive here so I gave Mother Nature’s concoctions a chance. It’s safe and based on a month’s worth of results, I’m for the better and not botched.

Recherché Edible Skincare is Singapore based and the word “recherché” briefly means “very unusual and chosen with great care”. Yes, I googled, for I am what I eat, and so I must know what I eat.

The bigger box of the halal-certified edible skincare that comes in a white powder form is Collagen Amino Acid supercharged with Tri-Peptides. I was immediately drawn to this ‘cos scientific research shows that our body’s collagen levels drop right after the age of 25. To pump up elasticity of the skin, one needs to up the collagen intake regularly from the inside. 

I can feel my skin more supple and soft after consuming this powder which is actually collagen sourced from premium fish. It rejuvenates and reverses skin ageing too. I mix the powder into my fruit-and-veg smoothie in the mornings and let its breakthrough technology do beautiful cartwheels within me.

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The smaller pink box contains copper-ish refined powder that I add to the collagen potion as it’s a skin brightening plus life saver. Enhanced with Botanic Beauty Actives, even my Mom noticed that my face and skin have become brighter and clearer. 

I’m not so much vain, rather I’d like a healthy glow…so I’m raising my hand for bragging rights. 

It’s 100% vegan, protects against UV rays and my most favourite part is that it comes with no fillers nor preservatives.

Going au naturel has dignity written all over it, hundo p. 

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