Safe To Watch

WHEN you have more cherished watches than you can count on two wrists, it’s safe to say, you will want to put some of them away safely.

The Buben & Zoweg X-007 Extreme, as the name implies, bring an air of James Bond-like elegance, mystery, and high-tech gadgetry to watch repositories. It has a price tag to match such expectation, at $351,997.

The X-007 safe features walls made from ultra-light Relastan — a composite of hard and elastic materials used in armour technology. A high-secruity Paxos locking system, the kind you find in Swiss banks, ensures vault-like safety for your valuables.

Secret Stuff

The spy craft continues from this German-made safe, which can only be opened with the touch of a secret button.

There’s a sense of anticipation and drama when you want to retrieve something from your safe. Hit that button and the safe rises majestically from within using a unique elevation system to rival any of Q’s ingenious creations.

The plush interiors of the watch safe hides away nine Time Mover watch winders to keep your timepieces ticking away. There is also additional space to display collectibles and front and side drawers for jewellery, documents, and other valuables.

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Singapore 238801

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