When Will We Have Happy Music?

COVID-19 brought down the curtains on many livelihoods, but few as deafeningly obvious as the concert industry.

For artists like Singapore’s Ramli Sarip and Airrion Love of The Stylistics, everything screeched to a halt.

Ramli Sarip
Ramli Sarip has used the quiet time to reflect on a new album due next year.

For show promoter Lauretta Alabons, of LAMC Productions, the steady flow of events was switched off.

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Often among the first few industries to be dropped and the last to come back onto the scene, it’s ironic that music plays such an important role in keeping us entertained and engaged when there is little else to do. But the creators of the craft are forced to figure out their next moves during a crisis.

The Stylistics
Airrion Love (2nd from right) has seen concerts cancelled for The Stylistics.

As they wait for a clearer picture to emerge, the three of them are still keeping busy: From conducting live chats to keep their fan bases occupied, to resurrecting old videos and thinking of new ways to showcase their music.

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For The Stylistics, which has been making music since the ’70s, they had a slew of hits before settling for a steady slate of concerts around the world.

Ramli Sarip had to cancel many concerts, but has been using the quiet time to draw upon his inner strength and plan for his next album.

Lauretta Alabons, Trevor Noah
Lauretta Alabons with comedian Trevor Noah has to find new ways to connect with artistes.

Lauretta continues to build up her relationships with artistes around the world, while also appreciating global issues like Black Lives Matter.

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