Strange Times Call For Creative Communication

WHILE the pandemic that is ongoing is challenging our way of life, and threatening many industries and jobs, the addition of a general election into the mix makes for a gumbo of jumbo proportions.

As we juggle social distancing and working from home and threats of a fresh wave of infections, the uncertainty factor hangs heavy over our heads.

Kumaran Pillai
Kumaran Pillai faces up to the challenge as a PSP candidate working the ground despite social distancing restrictions.

Kumaran Pillai, co-founder of the Independent site, and Jin Ooi Customer Service Director at Huntington Communications shared their views on communicating during this COVID-19 pandemic during the WED WEB CHAT with STORM-ASIA.

The challenges of reaching out on the virtual platform are tough for Kumaran, who is running as a Progress Singapore Party at the upcoming 2020 Singapore general election. Social distancing and masks prevent candidates from connecting with the public in the usual fashion.

Jin Ooi
Jin Ooi says you have to be honest with your team.

In the corporate arena, how do you connect with your staff and team when you cannot meet in the same room? How do you let people go when your business fails?

New ways of communication will probably suit the younger generation more, reckons Jin Ooi, as they are digital natives who probably consider this digital dependence as more of a convenience than a difficulty.

When will live music play again?

The next WED WEB CHAT on 1 July 2020 features Lauretta Alabons of LAMC Productions and singer Ramli Sarip. 

Join the session on the day by clicking on this link:

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