Could The Silver Generation Become Drone Pilots?

WED WEB CHAT drones for silversBUDGET 2023 has aspirations for Singapore to be part of the new era of global development.

Beyond the bold statement you realise it’s not a new desire. For the longest time Singapore has been trying to keep in step with the world and its needs. In its relatively short history, the country has kept up, and in some areas like finance and transportation have shone the path.

But it’s a changing world, and staying relevant requires a different mindset, playing with different sorts of tools in environments both physical and virtual.

The WED WEB CHAT — The New Era of Global Development thus tried to scope out this future that is upon our doorstep, and to figure out what would be needed to operate in this space.

Panellists Nick Goh, Co-founder and Head of Strategy at BlackBear Digital joined Ku Swee Yong, Director of International Property Advisor in this discussion.

The discussion traversed topics like the challenges of employment in the face of new technology, astrological predictions and their influence on global affairs, drone pilots as jobs for the silver generation, geopolitical affairs and their long-term effects, opportunities in the metaverse, MNCs helping SMEs in the regionalisation process, and free smartphones for silvers who don’t have the tools to make the leap into the digital world.

You can watch the full discussion at the end of the article.

Meanwhile, here are 4 short highlights for you.

Ways To Navigate This New Era

The metaverse and Web 3.0 offer potential opportunities, but you have to be a player to benefit from it. Consider the success of NIKELAND, and the various platforms that have come up.

Opportunities In The Metaverse

How can the individual get into the big business arena of the metaverse? The first thing to do is learn more about what’s on offer.

Creating Jobs For Silvers

Make full use of resources. Nick Goh asks if pilots who are retired could become drone pilots, offering an added level of security to the aviation industry.

Making Things Affordable And Accessible

From giving smartphones to help the silver generation make the jump into the digital world to cost reduction and simplification of processes, the  The New Era of Global Development, panellists discuss the rising cost of living and helping communities bridge the digitial divide.

Watch the full discussion of WED WEB CHAT — The New era of global development below.

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