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HOW will the heritage brands face up to the competition from new players on the scene?

This WED WEB CHAT — Heritage Brands Going Strong explores how the longstanding brands are adapting to new generations of customers.

Edy Tjugito, Non-Executive Director, Borden Eagle Singapore, has formulated new products under the Eagle brand that include fragrances and preferred oils that will appeal to a younger audience. And he’s also introduced new methods of delivery that will make for more convenient use.

Fong Loo Fern, who took over the running of CYC Company has incorporated hospital uniforms, and now masks, as the business pivots under challenging circumstances.

Richard Eu has seen his family business, Eu Yan Sang International, list and delist, and still continue to expand under his stewardship. New methods of delivering wellness products and traditional Chinese medicine help to connect with a wider audience.

From the impact of digitalisation to new role models, education and perseverance, this chat offered a wealth of experience from entrepreneurs who have seen their businesses evolve, and will continue to bring on the changes as disruptions continue unabated.

Watch highlights of the discussion below. You can watch the full discussion in the video in the link below that.

You can watch the full discussion below.

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