Let’s Make Christmas Great Again

SANTA isn’t kissing Mommy this year ‘cos of social distancing. 

Yet the early reindeers brought a United Nations pop-up, like one of those old-fshioned greeting cards, to my attention this COVID-19. 

It all started with a painting by artist Janet Loh titled Reflections And Hopes that she doesn’t want to part with because it signifies a breakthrough; a piece that moves away from her other more cultural artwork. 

Reflections & Hope

Aren’t we of similar fabric in that love outlasts us all? 

Kinship means working hard to earn a living so as to provide a better life for our family. It is the very basic human aspect of a precious relationship that bonds and prioritises our loved ones’ safety, health and happiness. 

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Then we shower them with presents during Christmas and feed them silly and by doing so, even without receiving anything on our end, we are contented.

Pamper yourself a little this year as you make merry with family and members of the tribe who matter.

Janet, who is a Singaporean, is a sentimental soul. You can request to follow her IG @puredust to view her private art gallery and buy into her colourful life as an artist/free spirit.

Hadil is an artist from Cairo whose juxtaposition of bright orange and pink in one eye-catching painting brought merriment to me. She is based in Singapore, but she’s not sure if she can fly home for Christmas this year because of COVID-19. 

But first chance she gets, Hadil is off, like Santa a-sleighing, relocating to the land of the pyramids. So do visit her IG @deespalette for a taste of eclectic paintings that might not be on sale in Singapore soon. 

Perchance you’d be inspired and masterpiece one, too? You could be another budding Banksy selling another Monet remix at Sotheby’s £7.6million.

Then we can all chorus: “Show Me The Monet!”

It was on said afternoon of the popup at a bohemian house that I met Xenia (German) from www.mahcollection.com. And Ilenia (Italian) who creates handmade jewellery, showcasing exquisite jewels on @italianhands_sg. Our spontaneous tête-à-tête chuckled much on raising rebel sons.

Wed Web Chat

Xenia’s Mother & Child face masks treated with the Swiss invented HeiQ Viroblock technology provides very safe protection. MAHCOLLECTION’s 2020/2021 silk clothing collection is breathtakingly inspired by Romanian Folklore whilst Ilenia’s jewellery spanning necklaces to earrings especially give a unique mismatched kinda cool.

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I got hungry and Geraldine from www.alentasia.com was selling sardines from Portugal! I’ve never been so I bought a slab for S$9 and wolfed down the Nature infused sardines with yes, Asianesque, rice. Licked my plate, whoop. 

I got a delivery from www.thealaskaguys.com whose seafood are sustainably wild caught in their hometown and flown to Singa’s. The Sockeye Salmon from Bristol Bay was pregnantly delightful. It was delicate to my palette much like a very girlish fish dancing in my mouth. 

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The crunchy Spot Prawns and Alaskan Pollock, sweet! (Mom who is anti-fish took to the latter keen as mustard)

Jingle Swell…(probably a fair few X’mas baby deliveries, too given the COVID-19 lockdown situation).

Boogie to the Orchard Road X’mas Light-Up this Friday, shalom.

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