What Is The New Era Of Global Development?

WED WEB CHAT new era of global developmentIN the recent Budget 2023 speech, Finance Minister Lawrence Wong outlined a vision to position Singapore for the “new era of global development”.

Development is an ongoing and never-ending process, but the speed of change is a factor that sometimes can derail meticulously laid plans. That’s certainly been the case as disruptions and incredible innovations have upended careers, industries and forced countries to recalibrate how they will remain competitive in a dynamic global environment. 

Add to this wars and other ongoing geopolitical tensions, issues involving the state of the planet and the nationalistic call for self-preservation that is forcing forged alliances, and we find ourselves living in a world increasingly divided.

Leading a small country in this ocean of roiling changes is an unenviable task. Buffeted by storms taking place in distant lands and unable to exert much influence on its own, Singapore has to consider how best to anticipate and prepare for any damage that might swiftly head this way.

The Minister warned: “We therefore cannot assume that we can continue to be successful by doing the same things as we have in the past. We will need to adjust to this new era, reposition our economy, and refresh our social compact for the future.”

While high-quality investments will be the top-line approach, what can Singaporeans offer to build up enough domestic momentum to drive more locally produced inventiveness?

This week’s WED WEB CHAT — The New Era Of Global Development picks up on this line from Budget 2023 to understand what the implications of living in today’s world could mean for Singapore. And what might this new era of global development bring — good and bad — for Singapore?

Nick Goh, Co-founder and Head of Strategy at BlackBear Digital and Ku Swee Yong, Director at International Property Advisor will join as panelists for the Zoom discussion on 1 March, from 12:45-1:30pm.

Ku Swee Yong
Ku Swee Yong, Director, Independent Property Advisor

Swee Yong is known for his pointed data-driven observations on policies and has been a regular contributor to the STORM discussions.

Nick Goh
Nick Goh, Co-founder & Head of Strategy, BlackBear Digital

Nick has branding, advertising and marketing experience with multi-nationals as well as SMEs. His views based on how these organisations think and behave would help us understand how we could approach the next decade of uncertainty.

Join the session by registering via this link: https://zurl.co/ybQC

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