Time To Make Your Property Moves?

THE property market, once a rich vein for those trying to upgrade their way to a fortune, has been cooled down and further subdued by COVID-19 and what’s to come.

While some may view this as a time to pick up a bargain, others are uncertain as new developments are being launched and the talk is of a lively property market.

In our WED WEB CHAT — Time To Make Your Property Moves? we have experts in the field to share their experiences and vision of what lies ahead.

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Ku Swee Yong is the CEO of International Property Advisor, lecturer and author of 5 real estate books, with a sixth — The Future of Real Estate: What’s Next After New Tech And COVID-19? — to be launched soon. 

Jennifer Chia is a partner with TSMP Law Corporation, where she specialises in banking and finance and corporate real estate.

Blogger, author and property investor Vina Ip wants to help those hunting for properties to avoid the traps.

The discussion looked at the impact of COVID-19 on the market and how it might recover, or present itself in a new light. With the potential of job losses, fleeing foreign talent, remote working and generational attitudes, the future is hazy with the likelihood of more empty units looming on the horizon.

How should you approach the HDB lease decay? Is it better to have a roof over your head (which might be yours, but leaking) or cash in hand when you retire?

Is the Singapore market still viewed favourably?

All these and more are discussed.

Watch the full discussion below.

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