Where’s The Post-Pandemic Customer?


WHAT will the retail scene look like after the pandemic?

Change has already been brewing long before COVID-19 set in. But beyond hoping for better days, many malls faced competition from online shopping and a general declining interest in malls and shopping on terra firma.

With the shove into digital, more people are switched on to online shopping, and doing with less. How will malls react?

How will big items be moved, like cars? And what position will luxury goods have?

Omnichannel marketing is becoming more important for retailers trying to reach out on various platforms for the diffracted customer base.

WED WEB CHAT: The Post-Pandemic Sale — Who’s Buying? brings together industry players, Patrina Tan of OUE Group, Aldo Lipari, founder of ALODD and Say Kwee Neng, an automotive veteran turned entrepreneur.

They chat with STORM-ASIA.COM publisher Kannan Chandran.

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