The Future Of Retail — WED WEB CHAT

THESE past few months have taught us things about ourselves that we either didn’t realise or weren’t interested to discover.

We can do with less.

We can function differently.

We may not like aspects of it, but we have become surprisingly adaptable.

Leading up to COVID-19, the retail scene was already taking a beating at the hands of online shopping. But the pandemic has raised the stakes.

What’s next for the malls and stores? How have attitudes changed towards luxury and big ticket items?

This Wednesday’s WED WEB CHAT — Post-Pandemic Sale…Who’s Buying? — brings together Patrina Tan, Senior VP, Retail, Marketing & Leasing, OUE Ltd, which operates the Downtown Gallery and Mandarin Gallery; Aldo Lipari, the founder of ALODD mens shoes who used to be the regional CEO of Bally, and Kwee Neng Say, an entrepreneur who built his reputation in Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam in the automotive trade, with brands like BMW, Kia and Honda, among others.

What are their views on the post-pandemic retail environment? What will be the fixes that could be implemented to keep the industry viable?

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