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WE may be nowhere near ready to pack our bags and fly off on holiday anytime soon, but we can plan.

This WED WEB CHAT — Feeding The Travel Bug brings together panellists from the travel, aviation, park design and events industries.

Their industries have been affected by the cessation of activities during COVID-19 and even as things seem to be easing, the future is no less certain.

IATA reckons air travel will only be at the pre-COVID-19 levels in 2024. 

Alicia Seah, who heads communications as a director at Dynasty Travel, talks about the 4 “S”s that float her industry — Staycation, Seacation, Sailcation and Shopping.

Bernard Harrison who designs nature parks around the world says his business has increased given the long-term nature of the projects he is involved in.

For Nelson Lee, his JeweLuxe show drew 80 exhibitors last year, but he has to contend with 30 this year, and a series of smaller showcases.

In challenging times, the ability to find avenues to reinvent yourself become critical for continuity.

No matter how long it takes the tourism sector to sort itself out, Subhas Menon, the Director General of the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines says “Travel is not a fear factor. The challenging aspect is the restrictions imposed by governments.”

People are keen to jump into planes and travel.

“But the past is too good to be true and the future is too true to be good.”

Below are the highlights of the discussion WED WEB CHAT — Feeding The Travel Bug. 

You can watch the full discussion below.

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