Prepare To Be Patient When Travelling

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TRAVEL is supposed to free your mind. Let you explore the world. And we used to enjoy jetting off on a whim for a long weekend or an extended holiday. We have such a rich variety of travel destinations to choose from in the region. Travel was a release valve from the demands of this small pushy island.

After close to two years being stuck at home, being twisted in so many directions by the COVID-19 virus, you’d think the island-trapped folks in Singapore would want to break free.

But a survey by Milieu Insight shows that 76% are reluctant to travel for fear of catching covid overseas and being trapped there.

And there are the added hassles of additional costs and procedures to contend with.

The panellists on this WED WEB CHAT — Taking Off Again! share their experiences in various countries. Plan, do your homework and be prepared for change, are among their recommendations.

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With the vaccinated travel lane scheme opening up to more countries, Singapore Airlines has reported 160,000 bookings for its VTL flights. Airline capacity is at 37% of pre-COVID-19 levels.

Things are looking up.

What do our jet-setting panellists have to say about travel today?


Gerald Ang

Gerald Ang is co-founder and CEO of consumer research and analytics company Milieu Insight, which offers a suite of agile research solutions that help organizations make better decisions as they navigate a rapidly changing consumer landscape. 

Khush Chopra

Khush Chopra is a well-known face of commentary on Singapore politics and policy. He is a non-practising lawyer who has a wealth of insight on what’s really going on in Singapore. He is a frequent traveller and has recently returned from the Maldives, and shares his experiences as an unvaccinated traveller.

Amber Mizerak

Amber Mizerak has been living in Asia for 12 years and has taken any opportunity to travel. From snowboarding in Kashmir to scuba diving in Indonesia and exploring cliff churches in Ethiopia, she loves to travel. The Pennsylvania farm girl recently went home to catch up with family and friends.

steven khoo

Captain Steven Khoo has 45 years of service with a major airline, and is still actively flying for the international carrier. Having travelled the globe in his career, Steven has also experienced most of the events that shook the aviation industry. He notes that most of them were short-lived and the rebound in the aviation industry was quick.

But this pandemic is the mother of all crises.

Unvaccinated Travel

For those who are not vaccinated, you can still travel.

Just be prepared, to change, to catch COVID-19, to extend your stay, says Khush Chopra.

The unvaccinated traveller tested the system and discovered he could still travel to countries willing to accept those without the jab.

New Travel Trends

How will tourism and travel businesses build their industry again?

Gerald Ang of Milieu Insight explains the need for a better appreciation of the current predicament of the travel industry and how best to approach the dynamism of a world in constant change.

Travellers’ Tips

The pandemic has forced the world to consider new ways of travelling.

From music masks to the 3 Ps, panellists share their tips from their recent travels. 

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