Feeding The Travel Bug — WED WEB CHAT

IT MUST have been an uncomfortable year for those with the wanderlust DNA.

But, it’s also been a challenging year for those who brought travel and adventure to millions who, prior to COVID-19, gave no thought to packing their bags and winging off on a weekend getaway.

How quickly things change.

It sounds like the current situation is not going to alter much. There are many variables involved, which makes it more challenging to find alignment to open up regular travel.

So, what can be done to tide us over during these grounded times?

This week’s WED WEB CHAT — Feeding The Travel Bug gathers a group of experts who are game to share their thoughts on the situation.

Bernard Harrison has been in the zoo game for 45 years. He was the CEO of Wildlife Reserves Singapore, which operates the Singapore Zoological Gardens, Night Safari and Jurong Bird Park.

In 2002, he founded Bernard Harrison and Friends LTD, a specialist design company focusing on the development and sustainable operation of zoological and botanic gardens, national parks and eco-tourism attractions.

Alicia Seah is the Director of Public Relations and Communications at Dynasty Travel International. At the height of the travel buzz, Dynasty Travel was busy sending people off to various destinations by land, sea and air. Now it’s a different situation, so where does she see the opportunities?

“We need to be quick to seize opportunities. We need to be fast to constantly readapt to the conditions. If we are willing to explore, we will open new grounds,” says Alicia.

Subhas Menon is the Director General of the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA), which aims to encourage the successful evolution of the travel and tourism industry. Among its member airlines are EVA Air, Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines and Japan Airlines.

Subhas enjoyed a successful career at SIA for over 35 years and brings that knowledge to bear in the challenging environment that envelopes the aviation industry today.

Nelson Lee, co-founded JeweLuxe International and serves as its CMO. He is part of the digital generation that has built marketing and design strategies for the benefit of consumerism’s continued emergence.

JeweLuxe is a platform to showcase watches and jewellery. It used to be a big exhibition, but cannot be delivered in that format. So, he has taken another route.

Join us for this sharing of ideas about how we can make the most of our current situation.

Register for this webinar on 4 November 2020 from 12:45-1:30pm using this link: https://zurl.co/2e0w

You can watch previous WED WEB CHAT discussions on www.storm-asia.com.

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