What Do Millennial Employees Want?

ACCORDING to The Department of Statistics Singapore, the 700,000 or so working Millennials make up about 30% of Singapore’s resident workforce.

In keeping with the established practice of inter-generation bickering, the Millennials have been maligned by the older establishment players. They’ve been called entitled, the strawberry generation because they bruise easily, job hoppers, happy-go-lucky.

Like any generation, Millennials are on a quest. It’s just that they have access to so much more information, so they have more to look at, in between visits to their social media pages. They also happen to be living and working in a time when change has become sharper and quicker.

While previous generations thought the iron rice bowl — the concept of holding a secure job with steady income for many decades — was an intrinsic part of the Singapore dream, today they’ll be lucky to have the rust from that bowl to keep them company.

Built on dreams of Silicon Valley, Google and Facebook, and tales of unicorns, many Millennials aspire to these grand jobs that shape the future. Reality of course is a bummer, and soon, it’s more mundane jobs that they wind up in, and, as a result, that sense of dissatisfaction sets in a lot quicker.

So, what do these Millennials want? We offer two sets of views — the Establishment and the Millennials

Various stakeholders— employers, HR professionals, and most importantly, Millennials — weigh in with their views.

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