Stitched Into Time…So Divine

Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, John Galliano

ABSTRACT Expressionist artist, Jackson the Dripper Pollock once proclaimed that he knows when exactly a painting of his is completed. It is when he has the “sex is done” feel.  

I like completeness but I also like a bit of nakedness when it comes to fashion.

My clothes, handbags and shoes are thus of extremes. My vogue totality is of unpredictable regalia infused with a macro viewpoint preferably je suis la reine.

I miss Alexander McQueen’s sublime 2001 VOSS runway show. That was a time of unfollowing the rules in his rendering of a feather skirt imbued through madness and wild beauty. Churning out season after season of fashion ware leaves barely any air for resting; a gargantuan feat. 

Fashion 70 years ago was comparatively different in that the 106 couture houses stitched together treasures. But that’s dwindled to a handful who today churn out designs. In 2020, prêt-à-porter offers a diverse playground for singling out my piece de resistance. 

I found a selection in my style of polarised chic watching the COVID-19 New Normal digital runway shows for Spring/Summer 2021. It is even more curious to note that acclaimed fashion critic Suzy Menkes is exiting Vogue International this month. I await with bated breath what Menkes business will be conjured on her own fashion platform.

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Meanwhile, let’s glance at my armchair shopping trip.

Miu Miu’s show has a virtual panel consisting of peeps, almost Tom like in their peeping qualities. There is a bareback pink ruffled blouse with black horizontal straps wrapping the spine. Much much sexy. I’d pair it with the Tiffany hued shorts to keep things simple. Louis Vuitton surprised me with pillow boots that look so comfy and that glittery silver full on suit, on point. At Hermes, there’s a black backless dress with a precise oval curved cut at the waist, elongated with a leather skirt; postmodern elegance.

More of the list after this…

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For a pinch of reality, I visited the newly opened Alexander McQueen concept store at the ION Orchard. I headed straight for the men’s section. I’d wear Creative Director Sarah Burton’s harness shirt which is part of the Pre Fall Collection 2020. I like its mechanic turned Calvin Klein model Jenny Shimizu scrupulous vibe. Oh, there’s also a new four ring calfskin soft pouch that I resonate with. Do frolic and try out clothes in the Mongolian Tapestry Tent fitting rooms, real quaint!

Notably, avant-garde fashion designer Iris van Herpen is a looping master of futuristic sexuality. Chinese fashion designer Guo Pei is dramatic, Asian to the late McQueen’s Westerners. The late Karl Lagerfeld’s creative power lives on in subtlety for Chanel’s 2021 show.

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Prada’s online auction Tools of Memory in partnership with Sotheby’s donated proceeds to UNESCO, blessup.

All hail the maestro. Maison Margiela’s Creative Director John Galliano affirms on “how the artisanal could influence the ready-to-wear.” Watch S.W.A.L.K. II on YouTube. The new buzzword is “artistic industrialization”. Pointed Mary Janes for men 😍 Please skanky moi, Galliano!

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